Kansas City, Missouri


Thank you to everyone who took the time to write to us about their experiences at our festival, the Osage Trail Station Neighborhood or our work here at TYCOR! You are welcome to leave your own message below or join us on facebook.

Marilyn says: Can’t wait for this upcoming event!
Carmen says:
Thank you for the Harvest Moon Festival. This was a great day. I appreciate the efforts from all involved. It takes alot of time and personal committment to pull something like the Festival together. You’ve made a differenence. I drove 180 miles (one way) to see Bill Miller. If Bill wasn’t one of the many great performers, I would never have known about this celebration.

I am not Native American… but that’s not the point, is it?

I’ve never been to Troost Ave… or for that matter, spent any time in Kansas City. I came specifically to your neighborhood because of this Festival. I am in awe of the vision for revitalization. This one block street can change the world.”
Devarra: Submitted on 2012/05/23
A treasure trove for all communities to appreciate and learn about Native American culture. Artfully illustrated and and very user friendly.
Steve: Submitted 2013/06/26
Your plans look outstanding and the long-term goal of assisting youth, construction, planning and appropriate level work will be performed by youth in the entrepreneurial, job training programs supported by the White Buffalo Scholarship Fund is even more commendable.
Susan says: The culture is amazing , The Music is great!! And i love the warmed and diversity that goes on at the festival . Come be embraced, and i promise u will leave thinking, “Can’t wait for next years!!”
Jessie says: Can’t wait for this festival!
Rainee says: Hope to make this one !!

Susan says: Looking so forward to this year Festival!! Plan on attending both days. I urge everyone to Join to the Fan club!