Kansas City, Missouri



Be a Sponsor or Advertise your business or product during our two-day festival.

•Harvest Moon will reach approximately 100,000 people on the internet and we anticipate attendance of approximately 4,000 including both Kansas and Missouri residents as well as a number of people from out of state. Participants are Native American Indians but most attendees are non-Indian or part Indian.

•Most attendees are middle to upper income.

•Tax Deductible because TYCOR Community Development Corporation is a long time 501(c )3 not for profit entity.

•The program is full color and 8 ½ x 11 in size.

•A business card ad is $100, ¼ page is $250, 1/3 page is $275, ½ page is $500, full page is $1,000, Back and front inside covers are $1,250. Your business can appear on our signature page for $25.

•Would you like to offer a coupon so attendees are encouraged to visit you? No problem.

•Submit your artwork as a jpeg for clarity.

Please note that advertising in our Program is on a first-come first-served basis. Space is limited. Harvest Moon American Indian Festival Committee makes all final approvals for submissions. Derogatory or inappropriate content will not be accepted. Thank you for your consideration! Contact a Festival Representative today.